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Chin-Proof Your Home

Letting your chinchilla play outside of it’s cage can be a lot of fun for both of you, but first you must be sure he will be safe. In many ways your chin is just like a small child. He is very curious, puts everything in his mouth, and doesn’t know what may be off limits. It is up to you to keep your “baby” safe. It is much easier to chin-proof one room instead of the entire house. Keeping your chinchilla in one room will also help him to feel more secure and will make it easier for you to play with him.

Begin by covering any open electrical outlets and removing or blocking all electrical cords. Make sure to get the phone cord as well. A chinchilla could be badly hurt if he bit down on a live wire or stuck his nose into an outlet. Once you have those secured remove any household plants from the room. Many plants are poisonous and could make your chinchilla very sick. Be sure that there are no areas in the room your chinchilla could go that you can’t reach. Many chinchillas have disappeared for long hours behind refrigerators, heavy china cabinets, exposed air vents, ect. Always keep your chinchilla away from lead based paint. If any furniture in your house has lead based paint on it do not let your chinchilla out in that room. Ingesting this type of paint could be fatal to your chin.

Many people prefer to let their chinchilla run free in the bath room. This is a great choice since it is fairly easy to chin-proof. Do keep in mind that your chinchilla can jump very high. Be sure to close the toilet lid and do not leave standing water in the tub or sink. Place all soaps, shampoos, and cleaners out of your chinchilla’s reach.

You should get down on the floor just before letting your chinchilla out and look for small items and plastics which could harm your chinchilla if he chewed on them. This is a good thing to do every time you let your chinchilla run. Securing your chin’s play room will help insure that he has a safe and fun outing. Even in a “chin-proofed” environment it is always best to supervise your chinchilla’s play time. This is a great opportunity to interact with him and will give you both some wonderful time together.

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